Massage service at OASIS HANOI HOTEL  is one of the most reliable and prestigious locations in Hanoi. We have more than 40 sauna massage rooms with large space, modern equipment. Oasis Spa offers Massage service which is a harmonious combination of East Asia Japanese and Vietnamese massage style in order to bring great effect as a therapeutic method to bring the gentle relaxation from inside.

Our ingredient is totally from natural origin, Oasis Spa seeks to balance both your inner and outer world to create invigorating, cleansing and nourishing your body as deeply as possible to allow your body and spirit to return to the relaxation and comfort after tired working days.

Experienced staff, enthusiastic with carefu attentive massage method to soften and relax the  hard, obstructed muscles in a natural way.

Welcome to Oasise Spa! Enter the world of perfect body care, where time, worry are left outside the door and a new journey begins ....

Hotline : 0243.5143.888